South Shore Estates Delegation Presents Milford City Council With Letter Concerning Lower Gar Outlet

Wed 11-27-2019

(Milford)-- A delegation representing South Shore Estates presented the Milford City Council earlier this week a letter with recommendations on what they feel should be done at the Lower Gar Outlet, not only to address high water levels on the Iowa Great Lakes, but to also prevent those levels from dropping too far in times of drought.

A representative told the council the recommendations in large part are based on findings from previous studies...Lower Gar Letter01 

"Pretty well everything that's in the document is taken from previous DNR studies, University of Iowa studies and Iowa Great Lakes, so there's nothing new in there. It was just collated into one spot. But we thought that the first step would be to bring the document here to city council so you have a chance to read it. And then we can reach out to DNR to try to put some things together. I think the important part is at the end the recommendations are is that the DNR and county agree to start doing some of the things that they already thought they should be doing and have just been put off for the last decade."

Details of the letter weren't divulged at Monday's meeting.

The Milford City Council will review the document and discuss it in more detail at an upcoming meeting.