Some Reminders Of Things You'll Need To Know Before Voting Tuesday

Mon 11-4-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- Another reminder of some changes you'll need to be aware when you vote in tomorrow's (Tues.) combined City and School elections.

Jordan Moyer of the Dickinson County Auditor's Office says the most important is a change in polling locations. She says the number of those sites has been cut in half...Election Reminders01 

"And so instead of having the 10 that we normally would for a city election we only have five. And so those locations are the Lake Park Community Building, the Arnolds Park's Roof Garden...which that is one change. Normally people would go to either Arnolds Park city or Okoboji City Halls to vote there, but I have changed that so both of them will be going to the Roof Garden. And the other locations are Spirit Lake, Milford and Terril. So if you have any questions on where you need to vote I also have a Facebook page that shows a link to our Secretary of State's Office that will explain to you where you need to go vote. Otherwise you can call our office for where you need to go on election day."

And Moyer says you'll need to have some form of identification with you as well tomorrow (Tues.) when you arrive at your respective polling location...Election Reminders02 

"One of the main forms of ID you can have is a driver's license, but you do need to have some form of identification when you go to the polls."

Polls will be open tomorrow (Tues.) from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm.

In city elections in Dickinson county, there are contested races for Mayor in Lake Park, Okoboji and Terril. There are contested races for city council seats in Lake Park, Milford, Spirit Lake and Terril.

In the school elections, there are contested races for school board seats in districts 1 and 5 in the Harris-Lake Park district. Voters in the Okoboji Community School District will decide the fate of a measure that pertains to the method to be used in the sale of the property where the current Middle School is located in Arnolds Park.