So-Called IRS Scam Re-Surfaces

Mon 8-15-2016 []

(Milford)-- A scam we've reported on several previous times is once again making the rounds in the area.

It's the so-called “IRS Scam”, in which the caller purports to be a representative of the agency. It tells the person who answers the phone that they owe back taxes and must pay up immediately by using a debit or other pre-paid card, or face being arrested by authorities.

Officials once again remind everyone this is a scam. Anyone who gets such a call should disregard it. If you do have any questions regarding whether or not you owe back taxes, you should contact the IRS yourself.

Officials say you should never give credit or debit card information over the phone or internet unless you know for a fact the person or business on the other end of the line is legitimate. The same goes for any other type of personal information, including bank account information and social security and medicare information and numbers.

KUOO news has received several reports of people, businesses and even atleast one church in the area that have received such calls today (Mon.)