SMU Holds News Conference To Address Concerns Over Discolored Water

Thu 1-28-2016 []

(Spencer)-- Ongoing issues with discolored water since an upgrade of the city’s water treatment plant got underway has officials with Spencer Municipal assuring their customers the tap water is safe to bathe in and drink. That was the message Tony Hall, Water Manager for SMU, delivered at a news conference Thursday...Spencer Water01     

Hall says the discoloration is a result of high amounts of iron in the water...Spencer Water02     

Hall says due to the construction, they’ve had to temporarily bypass a treatment process that softens the water...Spencer Water03     

Julie Sievers of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says that’s typical of water treatment facilities that are undergoing renovation...Spencer Water04     

The problem seems to vary from one area of town to another. Hall says SMU isn’t testing the water just in those areas where the problem doesn’t seem to be as bad...Spencer Water05   

Completion on SMU water plant project isn’t slated until another year or so from now, in the spring of 2017.