SL Varsity Volleyball Temporarily Paused Due To COVID-19 Concerns

Fri 9-11-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Spirit Lake Varsity volleyball program is being paused for a brief period of time. Superintendent Dr. David Smith tells KUOO news two assistant coaches have tested positive for COVID-19...SL Volleyball paused01 

"Out of caution and following our school procedures we have paused volleyball until September 19th for Varsity only, keeping everything else going as is. We did some tracing and kind of isolated the problem we had and the people associated with it. And again, just caution and procedures in place and we decided the best thing to do, the right thing to do, was to pause volleyball for a short period of time."

Dr. Smith says he's confident the necessary people have been contacted so they can take the needed actions...SL Volleyball paused02 

"We looked at every situation, talked to everybody thoroughly and communicated with all parties involved, communicated with the parents involved and so if you haven't been communicated with, we don't think it's a situation where you fall into that contact tracing. Everybody's done a great job at school and we're maintaining a positive attitude and we assumed stuff like this would happen and we have procedures in place to handle it and everybody's, the girls are down about not being able to play but they're also excited to just get this over with and get back and be healthy and make sure we're going at it full speed. And like I said we're most concerned about people who have COVID and making sure they're taken care of and get back to health quickly."

Dr. Smith adds no other activities or classes are affected.