SL Council May Re-Visit Fireworks Ordinance After Upcoming 4th Of July; Holds 1st Reading Of Ordinance Regulating Food Trucks

Wed 6-10-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Spirit Lake City Council Tuesday held the first reading of an ordinance pertaining to food trucks operating in the city. It not only establishes a registration process but City Attorney-Administrator Gregg Owens told the council it specifically spells out where in the city they can be operated...SL Council01 

"They may operate only in areas zoned commercial or industrial or agricultural, just to make it clear where they can. It's the same thing but it's worded a little more clearly for anybody that picks it up and wants to know where they can be."

The proposed ordinance will come back to the council for 2nd and 3rd considerations before being considered for final adoption.

Also Tuesday there was discussion about re-visiting the city's fireworks ordinance. Currently fireworks can be shot off in Spirit Lake July 3rd and July 4th between 11:00 am and 10:00 pm. While it's too late consider making any changes for the upcoming 4th of July, councilman Wes Farmer said he wants to make sure it gets on the agenda in time for discussion for the 4th of July of 2021. Mayor Bruce Keenan suggested the council start those discussions this coming August or September...SL Council02 

"I thought maybe even a discussion in, you know, late August or in the month of September would be the time to see, almost like a fireworks wrap-up, what we had and what we had to mess with, so."

City officials say numerous complaints were fielded last year by the Police Department about fireworks being discharged outside of the times allowed.