SL Citywide Cleanup Days Set For Next Week

Thu 9-10-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Spirit Lake residents may want to do some fall house cleaning this weekend. Citywide clean up days will be held Monday through Thursday, September 14th through the 17th. City Attorney/Administrator Gregg Owens says there is a limit to what crews will pick up...SL Cleanup Days01 

"You can put out almost everything except construction debris, paint, any toxic or flammable chemicals and nothing from construction or commercial establishments. But general household debris, old junk, things that you might think of as putting out as normal of course would be allowed. A couple of things: on tags, typically we require tags for certain types of things like washers and dryers, refrigerators, electronics, tires, mattresses, things like that. You still need to call city hall to arrange a tag. You will not get a physical tag delivered to you to put on the item. But once you make arrangements and leave the check for the tag in the drop box a notation will be made here that a tagged item is at your property and what it is and then the street department will pick it up."

Owens says tags for furniture will NOT be required during the cleanup days. Rolls of old carpet should be cut into lengths no longer than four feet and secured. Lumber should also be cut into lengths no longer than four feet and secured. Nails should also be removed.

Owens says the items will be picked up on the same day your garbage is collected...SL Cleanup Days02 

"Make sure it's there probably the night before because they start pretty early on cleanup days. Typically what they're going to see is their normal garbage with the automated truck picked up and then throughout the day as they work their way around the route they will be picking up the cleanup days items. Sometimes they'll leave the tagged items depending on what they are for pick up later in the day or sometimes later in the week on some of the tagged items. I don't want people to worry if they see something not being picked up. But if it's there the next day or something like that they need to give us a call because we're not going to leave it behind if we know about it."

Typically citywide cleanup days in Spirit Lake are held in the spring. But Owens says COVID changed that this year...SL Cleanup Days03 

"COVID-19 was driving that particularly in the spring. And once we got into the summer months it just wasn't feasible with everything else that was going on with the street, parks and sanitation department because they're all involved in this effort and they all have a lot of other things to do in the summer and we just thought getting past Labor Day would be a good time to work this in, so. The goal is to get it done as quickly as we good after Labor Day and we're going to be doing it the first full week, so it gives people the opportunity for a nice full clean up. And we will be doing it again in the spring so it's not like we're going to do it this fall and skip it next spring. We'll get back on the spring rotation in 2021."

Owens adds the cleanup days are for residential customers only in the city of Spirit Lake. More information can be found on the city's Facebook page.