SL City Council Votes To Permanently Move Clean Up Days To The Fall; Approves Project For Gilbert Park

Wed 4-14-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- Citywide Clean Up Days in Spirit Lake will be permanently moving to the fall as the result of action taken at Tuesday's City Council meeting. City Attorney/Administrator Gregg Owens says the council took the action after getting input from city employees...SL Council 041301 

"Their opinion was that springtime is their absolute busiest time of the year and when they take a week to do clean up then asphalt patching isn't getting done; parks aren't getting attention for a week; painting isn't getting done; street sweeper can't run. All of those kinds of things, and then if something else interferes like weather the week before or the week after, then we've lost two weeks of time for ordinary maintenance activities that are already pretty weather sensitive in the spring, so."

The council Tuesday evening didn't set a date for this year's Clean Up Days but Owens says they're looking at late September or early October. In the meantime, he says residents can purchase tags any time of the year to dispose of old furniture, appliances and electronic items simply by contacting Spirit Lake City Hall.

In other business, the council voted to proceed with some planned improvements at Gilbert Park...SL Council 041302 

"So there will be a new sidewalk going down to the lake. Where that dock was located is going to move a little bit north in the park to where the bank is shallower to better accommodate the new sidewalk and the new requirements for that."

Owens says the work will get underway soon with completion set for mid-June.