SL City Council Appoints New Mayor; Adopts Fireworks Ordinance

Wed 6-13-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- The city of Spirit Lake has a new Mayor. The city council Tuesday evening voted unanimously to appoint Bruce Keenan to the position. He'll fill the term that was left vacant in late May when Ed Vos resigned and moved to the Des Moines area. Two other men, Dennis Marshall and former city councilman John Chappas, had also expressed interest in the position.

Fireworks was also back on the agenda. The council voted hold the second reading of an ordinance making it legal to shoot off consumer grade fireworks in the city between 11:00 am and 10:00 pm on July 3rd and 4th on private property only, with permission of the property owner. They then voted to waive the third reading and adopted the measure. Both motions were approved four to one, with council member Donna Fisher casting the lone no vote. The issue did draw some concern from the public...SL Fireworks01 (1) 

"It really scares the dogs, it scares kids, it scares everybody. Why are the rights of fireworks users and the fireworks distributors superceding my rights to a quiet neighborhood?"

Councilman Kevin Bice said he wants the ordinance actively enforced, saying violators who are caught should be automatically fined and that no warnings should be given...SL Fireworks02 (1) 

"Last year there was fireworks being fired two or three houses down from my house, and it continued to be fired and nothing was done about it because it was in limbo. All we were doing was giving them warnings. Now we've set the stage. If they go beyond that time frame or if they're firing them off from public property, I want fines."

The ordinance will be effective upon publication, meaning it will be in place in time for the upcoming 4th of July.