Sioux Rapids Police Chief Suspended For Two Weeks After Posting Controversial Comment On Social Media

Tue 6-30-2020

(Sioux Rapids)-- The police chief for Sioux Rapids has been suspended for two weeks without pay after making a controversial comment on social media. The action was taken during a special city council meeting Monday evening.

In a Face Book post, Police Chief Tim Porter posted a comment to a story with video showing a truck driving through a crowd of protesters in Des Moines. In all capital letters, Porter wrote, "…hit the gas and hang on over the road bumps." In a statement, Porter admitted he made the comment, and then apologized for it. Porter said he was on another post and "somehow it accidentally was posted on the wrong post." Porter was criticized for the comment on social media.

In addition to the suspension, the chief is also being directed to take a sensitivity training class. Members of the Sioux Rapids City Council say they'll also do that.

Many community members spoke out at the meeting in support of the Police Chief. Porter thanked them for that.