Sioux County Sheriff's Deputy Fired For Not Following Policy & Training Guidelines

Thu 4-1-2021

(Boyden)-- A deputy sheriff for the Sioux County Sheriff's Office has been fired after an incident that occurred on March 20 in Boyden, Iowa.

According to the Sioux County Sheriff's Office, Sgt. Nathan Kelderman was off-duty at his home in Boyden when he saw a motorcycle drive past his residence.

The sheriff's office says Kelderman thought he recognized the driver as a person who did not have a motorcycle license and believed they lived nearby.

In an interview with command staff for the sheriff's office, Kelderman said he made his way to the suspect's house on foot. When he got there, Kelderman said the garage door was going down as he ran under it and into the garage.

According to Kelderman, he was there to detain the suspect. A physical altercation between Kelderman and the suspect, Nicholas Te Slaa, started in the garage and continued onto the driveway.

A neighbor saw it and called 911, and several Sioux County deputies were dispatched. After three deputies arrived at the scene, Te Slaa was arrested and charged with several criminal offenses.

Kelderman stated to command staff he went over to the suspect’s home without any identification, duty equipment or method of communication. He was also in civilian attire, wearing a T-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes.

After an investigation by the sheriff's office, it was determined Kelderman had violated policies and training which prohibit a law enforcement officer from this type of action when off-duty.

The sheriff's office says the initial incident involved minor traffic offenses and should have been reported to an on-duty deputy.

Our policy is in place to prevent unnecessary danger or injury to officers, suspects, witnesses or others. The violation of it caused preventable injuries and put witnesses, neighbors as well as responding officers in a bad position,” stated Sioux County Sheriff Dan Altena in a press release.

Kelderman was terminated from his employment at the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office on March 29, 2021.

(Courtesy news partner KTIV in Sioux City)