Severe Weather Awareness Week Being Observed This Week In Iowa (1)

Mon 3-26-2018

            (Spirit Lake)-- It may not look like it outside with all of the snow and ice, but the severe weather season is just around the corner. In preparation for that, this week marks the annual observance of severe weather awareness week in the state of Iowa. Dickinson County Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Ehret says it's a good time to double check your emergency kit and make sure everything's ready for the upcoming season...2018 Severe Weather Awareness01 

            "Despite the winter weather we seem to keep having here lately severe weather season will be coming soon. The kind of things you need to do to prepare for that season, review your plans for where you're going to go in the event of a tornado or a severe thunderstorm comes in, know where those shelters are at and how you're going to get there and check that kit that you should already have in that shelter and make sure it's stocked up and that flashlights are still in good working order and if you have a battery operated radio check those batteries as well and things like that. Check that first aid kit and so forth. Just make sure your plan is up to date, your kit is current and so then you'll know what to do when warnings are issued."

And when it comes to emergency plans, Ehret says he's available to assist any business, school or industry in putting one together. You'll have a firsthand chance to practice those plans later on this week with a statewide tornado drill. We'll have additional details on that in later newscasts.