Senator Chuck Grassley discusses Current Projects, Ethanol during stop at Okoboji High School

Fri 4-9-2021 901 H Ave, Milford, IA

(Milford)-Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley made a stop at Okoboji High School on Thursday where he met with students.

The Republican Senator told KUOO news that he has several current projects in the works:

Senator Chuck Grassley discusses current projects during stop at Okoboji High School 

"I'm trying to get my prescription drug bill passed so we can get prescription drug prices down, and I'm working in a bipartisan way with Wyden of Oregon, and then I'm working in a bipartisan way with Durbin of Illinois to get some more criminal justice reform done like we did with the First Step Act two years ago, and then, the third thing would be more related just to agriculture, and it would be to get a better market for our livestock producers, because presently, four companies have 80 percent of the market.  So, the independent producer doesn't get a fair shot. So, I've got a bill in that would guarantee at least 50 percent of the daily slaughter would have to be the negotiated market."

Grassley also commented on the challenges to the Ethanol Industry:

Grassley on Ethanol industry 

"It hasn't been so much a problem working in a bipartisan way within the Congress of the United States, but its been a problem between at least the last two presidents, between Obama and the Congress, and between Trump and the Congress is where the problems come, and that's maybe in everyway blaming a president but then, he's responsible for what his EPA did.  So, we've had problems, particularly on waivers with the EPA, but because of the courts stepping in, in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals a year ago now, they had rules that the EPA under two administrations had given some illegal waivers, and they shouldn't have given them to certain people.  They didn't say all waivers, they said certain ones, but it's kind of curtailed EPA's ability to do any waivers.  So now that's on appeal to the Supreme Court, and I'm satisfied that at least from this standpoint, that the Biden Administration is pro-ethanol, because they're defending the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, which was favorable to ethanol.  So, maybe by July the 1st if the courts don't overrule the 10th Circuit, I think we've got a few years of good ethanol.  But now, when I say a few good years, I'd like to say for the next 30 years."

The Senator is touring the State of Iowa while Congress is in recess.

Listen to the full interview:

Full interview with Senator Chuck Grassley at Okoboji High School