Semi Pulling Flatbed Loaded With Hay Bales Collides With Paving Equipment In Hwy 18 Road Construction Zone

Sat 7-1-2017

(Primghar)-- There were no injuries but there was a considerable amount of property damage when a semi pulling a flatbed loaded with hay bales collided with some equipment in a construction zone on Highway 18 in O'Brien county Friday.

Authorities say 71-year-old Harvey Driesen of Rock Valley was driving the rig eastbound and was approaching the construction zone where a bridge is being placed. The zone is posted with numerous signs warning of a width restriction and of a one lane road. Another sign advises drivers of wide loads to exit prior to getting to the construction zone. Authorities say Driesen proceeded through the zone anyway. Some of the bales, which were overhanging the flatbed, struck a paving machine, causing about $50,000 in damage to the equipment.

Driesen was cited for failure to obey a traffic control device.

The collision took place shortly before 9:30 am.