Second Annual Touch-A-Truck Being Hosted By Kiwanis At Clay County Fairgrounds

Fri 8-9-2019 800 W 18th St, Spencer, IA 51301

The second annual Touch-A-Truck is happening on Saturday with many community vehicles in attendance. There will be food for purchase on site as well. 

Paul Brenner of the Kiwanis group has more info. Touch a truck 

"Tomorrow is our second version of the Touch-A-Truck. That's an opportunity for families to see every sort of truck that you might see on the road or that you might see in a parade like Flag Fest in Spencer or one of the you know the Milford Parade, Spirit Lake Parade and things. That sort of thing that you get to explore a little bit learn something about. So there will be fire trucks and police vehicles and semis and we’ve got the Avera helicopter coming in. Having a helicopter come last year was one of the real popular events. This will run from 10-1 on the Clay County fairgrounds right near right where the Midway Carnival normally is there during the fair so if you're used to the Spencer Fair it's where you would expect to go see all the kids rides. The proceeds from this event will go to the Kiwanis Daybreakers Foundation and that will be used primarily for scholarships so the whole event is being organized and operated by the Spencer Daybreakers Kiwanis Club and it’ll go to providing scholarships down the road."

Attendance costs $4 per person or $10 for a family. To find out more check out the Touch-A-Truck facebook page here