Seasons Center Offering Virtual Foster & Adoptive Summit

Mon 9-14-2020

(Sioux Center)-- Seasons Center for Behavioral Health will hold their fourth annual “We Are Family Summit” in two different sessions beginning this (Monday) evening. Nikki VanGinkel, Director of Family Support Services for Seasons Center tells KUOO news the sessions are being held virtually this year...VanGinkel01 

"On Monday night it will primarily be clinical information, discussing birth family relationships and understanding openness between foster and adoptive families and birth families; and then the second week, the 21st, will be a panel of adoptive families, birth families, foster families and just sharing their experiences."

The summits will be held both evenings from 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm.

VanGinkel says there's an ongoing need for foster families in the region...VanGinkel02 

"There's always a shortage we have for foster families in the area. We definitely have families who, and we've done some research, a needs assessment recently, and found out that we're in need of better training and this was one of the topics that people were interested in learning more about."

VanGinkel says you can sign up for the sessions online...VanGinkel03 

"They can find the link, it's an Event Bright link. They can find that on our Facebook page and then also on our website."

More information is also available by contacting Seasons Center at 800-242-5101.