Seasons Center Awarded $1,000 Grant From Dickinson County Endowment Fund

Fri 9-4-2020

(Spencer)-- Season's Center for Behavioral Health is the recipient of a $1,000 grant from the Dickinson County Endowment Fund. Kim Scorza, CEO/President of Seasons Center, says they'll use the funds to support individuals and families in Dickinson county impacted by COVID-19...Kim Scorza04 

"We're going to be using the funds to help pay for maybe like data plans for phones, some internet service, some of the mobile devices. We're also looking to help people purchase food or household supplies that they may need or any type of assistance like with utility bills, diapers, PPE, things of that sort."

Scorza says her agency continues to see an increased demand for services, being driven largely by the pandemic...Kim Scorza05 

"It seems like there's kind of two different types camps of people: people that are really concerned because of their physical health with being able to go out, and it's kind of taking a toll with isolation on them. And then we have other people that, you know, they really just want to be able to get out and they want life to be back to normal and it's difficult because life isn't back to normal. So people are presenting to our agency with a heightened level of anxiety, some depression, really related to just the social isolation and some other, you know, other issues. We're also seeing increases in reports that are needed being made regarding child abuse, of course domestic violence, and so as the pandemic wears on we're really starting to see more of the longer term impacts of it."

And Scorza says that's having an impact on Seasons Center's resources...Kim Scorza06 

"We are working very closely with our state agencies and partners as well as federal agencies and partners to really make sure the needs of clients are met, and then of course foundations like the Dickinson County Endowment Foundation who gave us this gift. It's wonderful because it really helps meet the needs of the clients where they're at. And so we'll continue to look for state, private and federal funds to be able to serve our clients in cases that are presenting in this time of need."

Likewise, Scorza urges those who are in need of Seasons Center's services to reach out to them. Their Crisis Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 844-345-4569.