Seasons Center Announces Plans To Take On Additional Clients After Compass Pointe Closes April 15th

Thu 4-11-2019

(Spencer)-- Officials with Spencer-based Seasons Center for Behavioral Health have announced plans to take on many clients that will be displaced by the April 15th closing of Compass Pointe. Kim Scorza, CEO/President of Seasons Center, tells KUOO news they are taking several steps in anticipation of the additional clientele...Scorza01 

"What we have done through our board and through our leadership team and our supervisors is really look internally to see what we could do to take on additional clients. We've had a lot of calls coming into our agency already and so we decided that we're going to be offering some evening and weekend Saturday and Sunday appointments so that we can get people in to be served right away so we're not having them to wait for those services that they need. We've been working with the state, IDPH, as well as some of the managed care companies to ensure that it's a seamless transition for those patients."

Scorza says the extended evening and weekend hours will be offered for substance use disorder services at Seasons Center locations in Sheldon, Sioux Center, Spencer and Storm Lake for both evaluations and group sessions...Scorza02 

"The extended hours will be at those locations, and then we are in the process of interviewing several employees from Compass Pointe as well as other individuals who look to join our team to provide additional coverage in some of the other counties in which we serve substance abuse clients."

Scorza says Season's Center felt it was critical to fill the void that would have been left with the departure of Compass Pointe...Scorza03 

"Overall as an agency we served between 5,700 and 5,800 people last year. Those are unduplicated clients. That was services provided whether it's therapy, psychiatry, substance abuse. So we definitely see the need for behavioral health services in general. We see way more of a need for those services."

Seasons Center for Behavioral Health was founded in 1959.