Sea Wall Discussion Again Highlights Okoboji City Council Meeting

Wed 8-15-2018

(Okoboji)-- There was renewed discussion at last (Tues.) evening's Okoboji City Council meeting over the Dixon Beach Sea Wall.

Portions of the 641 foot long structure, built in the 1930's, are starting to fail and are in need of repair. The cost of repairing the entire length of the wall has been estimated at up to $600,000. After further discussion last (Tues.) evening, the council directed the city engineer to get an estimate on repairing some 250 feet of the wall that's in the worse condition. Councilman Jim Delperdang said he would like to see some action taken on the issue which has been before the council the past several months...Delperdang 

"This has been dragging on for a long time, so it would be nice to get a final decision on this. And I think that includes, I think we all agree to reduce it to the 250 feet and we all agreed with some solution which includes rip rap, but the repair of the wall by either replacement or sheet metal, we got to, it would be nice to get that resolved."

In the meantime the city will be making some temporary repairs by hiring a contractor to install some rip rap along the wall.