Scammers Now Targeting Alliant Energy Customers

Thu 3-1-2018

            (Spirit Lake)-- Another scam that claims delinquency on utility bills is making the rounds. This one targets customers of Alliant Energy.

Dickinson county authorities say they recently received a call from a resident who had received such a call and was requested to wire money or their power would be shut off.

Authorities say if you do have a question as to whether or not a call may be a scam you should hang up and contact your local law enforcement agency. They add you should never give out bank information including logins, passwords, account numbers, etc., and do not wire money or give payment in pre-paid credit or debit cards.

And again if you do have a question regarding the status of your utility bill you should call the number listed on the billing statement.

Similar scams recently have targeted customers of Mid American Energy and Black Hills Energy.