Scam Reports On The Increase

Thu 8-18-2016

(Spirit Lake)-- Authorities urge everyone to be vigilant as the number of scam complaints continues to increase.

Officials at the Dickinson County Communications Center say they were flooded with calls from people reporting various scams Wednesday.

While most of them involve the “IRS Scam” that we reported on a few days ago, other scams are also making the rounds, according to authorities.

The best advice, they say, is to never give bank account, credit card information or other personal information over the phone or internet unless the party or company on the other end is known to be legitimate.

Another heavily reported scam that's been making the rounds once again involves people getting calls from a person purporting to be with a utility company. The caller is told they are delinquent on their utility bill and that they need to pay immediately with a pre-paid debit or credit card in order to avoid disconnection.

Officials say if you have any question regarding the status of your account that you should contact the utility company directly yourself by calling the number that's listed on your bill.