SAFCO Of Milford Contributes $700 To Dickinson County Voluntary Action Center

Fri 2-28-2020

(Milford)-- A local manufacturer today (Fri.) presented a check for 700 dollars to the Dickinson County Voluntary Action Center. Scott Bergland of SAFCO in Milford tells KUOO news the donation was made possible through a companywide incentive program that gives employees an opportunity to give back to their community...Safco Hometown Heroes01 

"With the support of our parent company Liberty Diversified International, Safco is a division, is recognizing Hometown Heroes, those that are giving back to the community already. This our way to help recognize and show our appreciation for their efforts."

Bergland says employees of the Milford facility will be assisting in a number of other community service projects as well...Safco Hometown Heroes02 

"Recently we've done a campaign for the Humane Society at the Hy-Vees in Spencer and Spirit Lake; we'll be donating some of our own employee's time to the YMCA Camp Foster getting that cleaned up for spring and summer activities out there, and the list just goes on. We'll be working at all year long. This will be a continuous effort."

Angela Kofoot of the Dickinson County Voluntary Action Center said they're very grateful for the donation...Safco Hometown Heroes03 

"It's hard to recognize volunteers because, you know, our volunteers don't come together in one place, so for them to help us send out Subway gift cards to all of our volunteers last year was just so appreciated. How many volunteers do you currently have? This last year we had about 200 Meals on Wheels drivers. They served over 6,000 meals in the Spirit Lake and Milford area."

Kofoot says they're involved in a number of other volunteer-driven projects as well...Safco Hometown Heroes04 

"We're a key member of the Healthy Hometown Initiative, the Dickinson County Hunger Coalition, the Community Health Needs organization, and actually we've been tasked recently with exploring starting a new food pantry that uses rescued food."

Kofoot describes volunteering as an exercise in democracy...Safco Hometown Heroes05 

"You vote in elections, you know, maybe once a year but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community that you want to live in."

Those interested in becoming a volunteer can contact Kofoot at the Voluntary Action Center at 336-4444 or by email at