Ruling Could Be Coming Soon In Des Moines Waterworks Lawsuit

Tue 11-22-2016 []

(Storm Lake)-- The head of the Iowa Drainage District Association feels a ruling could be coming soon from the Iowa Supreme Court on the Des Moines Water Works lawsuit.

The lawsuit against drainage districts in Buena Vista, Sac, and Calhoun Counties alleges nitrate pollution in the Raccoon River, and was filed in federal court in January of last year.

The federal court sought clarification on four points from the Iowa Supreme Court.

Iowa Drainage District Association executive director John Torbert says the state supreme court heard arguments in the case on August 31st.

He says for the court to rule in the water works’ favor, they would have to overturn rulings already made on similar issues.

Torbert says if the decision from the Supreme Court is favorable to the counties, the suit would then move to the federal issue of whether drainage should be regulated under the Clean Water Act.

(Courtesy Community First Broadcasting's KAYL in Storm Lake)