River Restoration To Be Topic At Next Lakeside Lab Science Seminar

Mon 7-19-2021

(Wahpeton)-- The Friends of Lakeside Lab's Science Seminar Series resumes this Tuesday (July 20th) with a talk on river restoration. The information will be presented by Molly Hanson, a Conservation and and Community Research Specialist with RDG Planning and Design...Molly Hanson01 

"River restoration can be a lot of things, but one of the ways I like to describe it as actually re-wilding our rivers. So we've done a lot of work to our rivers, I would say we, as humans. So sometimes we're straightening them, sometimes we're draining them or pulling water from them. Sometimes we're damming them up, putting other features on them so we can use them in different ways. So they've been really changed. And when we talk about restoration, the key word in there is restore, and ultimately we we're hoping is to re-wild them to restore them back to there more natural cycles, reconnect them to their flood plains, get healthy ecosystems and bio diversity back up, ultimately improve water quality, also for the multiple benefit, provide cool, natural recreational amenities, you know, that we can use."

She notes that river restoration is important to our lakes...Molly Hanson02 

"Well I think that it should be important for your area. I mean we know that a lot of the lakes in Iowa are not natural, but your great lakes are. And so they are fed by rivers and streams, and so being able to restore some of those rivers makes them healthier and cleaner and so therefore the water that will be coming into the lakes would also be healthier and cleaner."

Molly Hanson will speak at Iowa Lakeside Lab on Tuesday evening (July 20th) starting at 7:00 pm. The talk is free and open to the public.