RiseFest Lineup to remain similar after Festival postponed to Labor Day Weekend

Mon 5-11-2020 Sheldon, IA

The lineup for RiseFest in Sheldon is shaping up for Labor Day, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

RiseFest Lineup shaping up after postponing Festival to Labor Day Weekend 

Since moving RiseFest to Labor Day weekend, organizers of RiseFest have been working to secure the lineup for the festival.

President Rob Roozeboom says they were able to retain most of the original lineup which was scheduled for June.  "We're feeling extremely blessed that we were able to keep almost 90 percent of the lineup because, when you go to move a festival which, it's not just like, let's pick a new date and hopefully that works.  There's a lot of behind the scenes things that need to happen.  So we, as organizers of the festival, have to have conversations of what works for the community, for the city.  Not only that, but what works for our vendors if all of a sudden we move the date and will our vendors be there.  All that has to be figured out, and then you also have to figure out whether or not the artists can move with you, and a lot of times that becomes very challenging."

He notes that special considerations are being made regarding tickets.  "If you have purchased your tickets, obviously you don't need to do anything with that, just show up with your ticket.  What we're also doing, if you purchase tickets now and for whatever reason if the festival would not happen in September, we're going to honor those tickets for next summer.  The other thing we wanted to do for individuals, is we've extended our early bird special."

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