Ribbon Cutting Held On Recently Completed Exterior Renovation Of Historic Downtown Spirit Lake Building

Fri 5-19-2017

(Spirit Lake)-- A renovation of the exterior of the historic Carnegie Building in downtown Spirit Lake has brought back the structure's original lustre. Dr. Steve Baskerville oversaw the recently completed project...Baskerville01 

"The front steps on Hill Avenue were in great need of repair and last fall we started into them to see if we could refurbish them and found out they need to be replaced. So we had a full replacement of the steps with the brick work, columns, the whole bit."

Baskerville says the project was made possible through donations and through funding through a program offered by the city of Spirit Lake's downtown betterment committee. He says the project was designed to bring the exterior of the building back to it's original appearance...Baskerville02 

"The building was built in 1912 and it survived all this time, and we tried to get it all back to the way that it looked in the pictures we could find and try to keep it as original as possible."

The Carnegie Building, which originally housed the Spirit Lake Public Library, now is the headquarters for Spenser's Underground...Baskerville03 

"Spenser's Underground Ministry started approximately 8 years ago, and what we do is we reach out to area teens, anywhere from middle school through high school, kids who just need a place to be, a safe place to hang out, adults that can care and mentor them. We meet every Thursday night during the school year from 6:00 to 8:00. We always have a meal and a lesson or speaker, and then Saturday nights we're open for different events that we try to advertise ahead of time to just have a fun and safe place for kids to hang out. Have you seen that number increase? Yes. On our Thursday nights I mean that's pretty steady. We probably see anywhere from 15 to 20 kids and then Saturdays it kind of depends on what's going on. We can have five or six kids or we can have 30 kids. It depends on how nice the weather is and everything else."

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Friday evening.