Ribbon Cutting Held On Promenade Project

Tue 7-2-2019

(Arnolds Park)-- A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Tuesday evening on the recently completed beautification of the promenade along Preservation Plaza in Arnolds Park. 

John Franken, Chairman of Imagine Iowa Great Lakes, the group behind a $10 million beautification of the Iowa Great Lakes Corridor, was the keynote speaker. He thanked the general contractor on the project along with subcontractors, the city of Arnolds Park and Historic Arnolds Park, Incorporated for helping make the project possible...Franken01 

"The sole purpose of Imagine Great Lakes is to beautify public areas. And the key thing is that this is a public area as is Historic Arnolds Park. We want to make sure that future generations can continue to be able to use the beaches, use the docks, use these beautiful facilities, plus we're not done yet."

Franken added they look forward now to focusing on some other areas of the corridor...Franken02 

"A few other projects, we'll be up at Rababs, the motor sports, we're going to be doing some beautification kind of, the Spirit Lake connection there. Bridge Park, you know, Wilson Park, we're working on some things there. We are financially involved with the Millstone Project; the city of Okoboji has the little pocket park that is just across the street from The Outrigger, we'll be working with them on that; and then the connector tunnel that we all know on the south end of Highway 71 there will be a beautiful artist doing some painting inside of there. And we're going to keep going more and more, so we're just getting started."

In addition to extensive landscaping and plantings, the promenade project also included the construction of a series of arches with LED lighting that can be customized for specific events.