Results of Groundwater Study to be Released During Meeting at Lakeside Lab October 27th

Mon 10-26-2015

(Okoboji)-An educational meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 27 to discuss groundwater loading into West Okoboji.

Clean Water Alliance Coordinator John Wills says the findings will be presented by Research Scientist Keith Schilling.

"He's been working on a groundwater study for about the last 4 years, and has drilled something like 27 shallow wells in the West Okoboji watershed and is determining basically how the water flows and what kinds of pollutants are in that water.  And so what they've found is nitrates and phosphorus, where they're the highest, like crop land or in the city or below golf courses, and then he can give us a good idea of how much pollution is going into West Okoboji from different sources.  It's going to give us a lot of information and then, he's also going to give us a 'where do we go from here' perspective, so that's going to be important."

He notes that the findings from the study will be used to help reduce pollution:

"We can set what we call best management practices like cover crops or grass waterways or terraces that will be used to prevent this pollution from reaching the lake."

The meeting will be held in the Waitt Lab at Lakeside Laboratory on West Okoboji at 2pm and is free and open to the public.