Residents Reminded To Sign Up For Dickinson Alert Program

Thu 3-29-2018

            (Spirit Lake)-- Dickinson county residents are being reminded of a relatively new tool available that utilizes your cell phone to receive severe weather and other types of emergency information. Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Ehret is encouraging residents to sign up for the “Dickinson Alert” program...Dickinson Alert 

            "You can sing up on line, it's free of charge at our website, When you register you can pick what kind of weather watches and warnings you want to receive and those will get delivered to you by text message or email, so if you happen to be away from the radio, the t.v. or somewhere and  you just happen to have your phone you'll still get those watches and warnings. Kind of like the sirens, they tell you that a warning is in place but it doesn't give a lot of detail, so you need to get to the t.v. or radio and find out more information, but it's just another tool in the tool belt so to speak for getting and staying informed when severe weather is rolling in."

Again you can sign up for Dickinson Alert at