Republican 4th District Congressional Candidate Jeremy Taylor Makes Campaign Stop In Spirit Lake

Fri 12-13-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- A Republican candidate for Iowa's 4th district congressional seat, who's looking to unseat fellow Republican Steve King, made a stop last (Thurs.) night in Spirit Lake. Jeremy Taylor told a gathering that he's concerned the seat could fall into the hands of Democrats should King get the nomination in the primary election.

And Taylor says if there's one thing he continues to hear over and over on the campaign trail, it would be this:...Taylor01 

"Well the number one thing is that people want a House of Representatives and a Congress that's going to get to work. Whether that's on passing a tax and regulatory reform and supporting our ag economy and getting away from the endless investigations that are currently taking place, and so that's the number one thing that I'm hearing and my goal is to help take back the United States House of Representatives and to represent the 4th district well on those kitchen table issues that I'm hearing every day on the stump as we've passed 12,000 miles and this is our 55th event."

When it comes to agriculture-related issues, Taylor addressed the renewable fuels standard...Taylor02 

"We also need to look at the US EPA and how they're interpreting the Renewable Fuels Standard and that's something that's hurting Iowa's ag economy and our farmers as well as corn prices, so we need to make sure that the U.S. EPA is holding to what Congress has actually passed, and then we need to look at free but fair trade and in going forward I'm hopeful that we can help support the president in his quest to bring that fairness to free trade, but at the same time we want to look at a diverse export market. That's what USMCA helps to accomplish in part, but we're also looking at the completion of the Japan and Taiwan trade deals. I think those will be very positive and will put pressure on China in order to help them play fair as we go forward."

Taylor also expressed his support for a balanced budget amendment and a one percent annual reduction each year in spending. He also commented on 2nd amendment rights and the Federal Heartbeat Bill.