Renovations Underway at Arnolds Park Amusement Park During Off-Season

Thu 11-3-2016 IA"], ["37 Lake Street, Arnolds Park

(Arnolds Park)-A few projects are getting underway at Arnolds Park Amusement Park during the off-season, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has the story:

Renovations underway at Arnolds Park Amusement Park during off-season 

Arnolds Park Amusement Park will be undertaking some renovations during the winter months.

Marketing Director Paul Plum explains, the projects include new restroom facilities.  "As many people know, the facility in the Queen's Court that housed Boheme, a new dress shop there this summer, sustained some damage during the storm last year, and we got it put back together so it was operational, but not really for long-term, so that building is going to be torn down and replaced with a new building there.  And then, some in-park restrooms that we're going to be doing, right inside the Park.  We'll be getting some much-needed new restrooms there, with a new facility." 

He adds that the final phase of the Majestic Roller Coaster will be completed in the near future.  "We have one more phase left going up. The Point of No Return is the phase that we're looking at in the next couple of years, and then the whole coaster will have been renovated."

He notes that there are some infrastructure preparations being made for future projects.  "This is the first part of a renovation process that we're hoping to do over the next few years.  Very early in the stages on that, and no set plans yet, just talk more than anything.  But as part of that, this winter we are doing some infrastructure.  The sewer and the gas and electric and fiber-optic lines that we're running in to prepare to be in a position that we can make some changes here coming up in the future."

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