Renovation Work About To Get Underway At Spirit Lake Fish Hatchery

Thu 6-3-2021

(Orleans)-- A renovation project is about to get underway at the Spirit Lake Fish Hatchery. Mike Hawkins, a fisheries biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, says it will solve a problem with zebra mussels they've been having at the facility...Hawkins & Hatchery renovation 

"They're going to be doing some renovation to at least the incubation part of the hatchery, working on a recirculation system that will take it off of lake water and solve the zebra mussel problem that the hatchery has for at least that part of production. So it's kind of a first stage in some needed upgrades to the water system at the Spirit Lake Hatchery. So that's going to be getting started here pretty soon. So the hatchery room will be closed through the rest of the year but hopefully everything will be open and ready for folks to come in next spring."

Hawkins says the project had been on the drawing board for a number of years now.