Renovation Of Boys Town Camp At Terrace Park Receives Substantial Donation

Thu 3-30-2017

(West Okoboji)-- A major renovation of the Boys Town Camp in West Okoboji is getting a big financial boost. It was announced today (Thurs.) Boys Town has been awarded a $50,000 donation from the Sunderland Foundation for the project. Melissa Steffes, Development Officer for Community Engagement for Boys Town in Nebraska in Iowa tells KUOO news they're are very grateful for the donation...Boys Town Donation 

"We are just so thrilled to receive the support from the Sunderland Foundation as well as from the Okoboji community. For the last five years we've been having an event locally at Okoboji called the Blue Water Bash where the community has really stepped up and donated a lot of their own resources to help make this project possible. The project is currently underway. We are excited to unveil our renovation and preservation project at the camp."

Steffes says it will go along way toward upgrading the camp's 55-year-old main building, located in the Terrace Park area...Boys Town Donation02 

"Well we started this project about three years ago where we added some new structures where a cook and some of the camp counselors and the camp director are able to stay on the site year around in permanent structures. So what we hadn't had a chance to get to was the renovation of the actual camp structure which was gifted to us back in 1952 and the only upgrades it ever received were to the kitchen in 1962. So the structure was really outdated and crumbling, so it's going to be completely renovated on the inside as well as have a beautiful new Cape Cod look on the outside."

In addition to the camp in Okoboji, Steffes says Boys Town also has another facility in the area...Boys Town Donation03 

"So in addition to having our camp in Okoboji we also have an office in Spencer, Iowa where we serve children and families, and last year we served over 40 families in Dickinson and Clay counties so we're not just at the camp during the summer months with our children that reside at our summer campus. We're actually serving the families in the Clay and Dickinson county area."

This year marks the 100th year of operations for Boys Town, which serves children facing challenging circumstances.