Registration still open for Prairie Lakes Conference to be held August 8 & 9

Tue 8-6-2019 1405 Highway 71 N, Okoboji, IA

(Okoboji)-The Prairie Lakes Conference is about to get underway in the Iowa Great Lakes.

Iowa Lakeside Lab Executive Director Dr. Mary Skopec says the Conference will feature a wide range of speakers and presentations:

Mary Skopec on Prairie Lakes Conference Aug 6 cut 1 

"The Prairie Lakes Conference is going to be really fun.  We try to have a blend of different presenters.  So, we will have people from the University of Iowa talking about the flood study that's been done up here.  The United States Geological Survey has also been looking at how water flows into the Lakes and then out of the Lakes.  There will be some presentations about ground water, and then some really kind of fun presentations about different tips and tools and tricks that people can use to manage the lakes.  We'll have a presentation about drone photography that's being done in the Lakes to look at Curly-Leaf Pondweed, for example.  Talking about the potential for salt to get in the Lakes, and what we can do to address that.  So, there's lots of opportunities for people to come out and hear some good information.  It won't be too technical, so if you're not a scientist that's not a problem.  You can still come and participate in the Conference, and we hope that people will take this opportunity to see some really phenomenal speakers."

She adds that registration is still open, and that scholarships are available:

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"We start on Thursday out at the Wallace and Bowers Nature Area, which is on the north shore of Big Spirit.  The Cattlemen will be doing a grill, so we'll be at Mini-Wakan after that presentation in the morning on Thursday.  Over at Mini-Wakan we'll have lunch, then we'll come back to Arrowwood and hear presentations.  There will be an evening reception on Thursday evening.  Then back to the Arrowwood on Friday for the morning and that includes the presentations and lunch, and then we'll spend the afternoon on Friday over at Lakeside Lab kayaking around and looking at native aquatic vegetation.  If people still can't afford the price of $100, we do have a few scholarships available.  If you go to our home page at, at the bottom of the page there's a scholarship application and people should feel free to send that application to me and we'll let you know right away if we've got room for you to come for free to this amazing conference."

The Prairie Lakes Conference will be held August 8-9.

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