Region Continues To Dig Out From Monday's Blizzard

Tue 1-23-2018

            (Spirit Lake)-- Most of the region is still feeling the after-affects of Monday's blizzard. But road crews have been making steady progress throughout the day, and conditions are only expected to improve further. Mike Ehret, Dickinson County Emergency Management Coordinator tells KUOO news other than the fire at Burger King and a power outage in Lake Park that lasted about an hour, things were fairly quiet during the storm...Blizzard Aftermath01 

            "Really our biggest issue throughout the afternoon, Steve, was with we just had some cars getting stuck, especially around Spirit Lake, just too low to the ground, couldn't get through some of the snow banks and that that were getting by the snowplows and so. That I think was really the biggest issue we had yesterday. Coming into this morning we've had a few cars in the ditch or off the road around the county this morning, not a great number, maybe four, five, six or so, something like that."

Ehret says Dickinson county authorities are grateful that for the most part people heeded the warnings Monday and stayed put...Blizzard Aftermath02 

"No injuries from anything we're aware of, no major accidents. Just really grateful that for the most part people stayed home and stayed put, and that helps us out a ton, when folks do that."

Ehret also reminds everyone to keep an eye out for fire hydrants and make sure they are clear of snow. He says doing that can save firefighters valuable time.