Reggie Schive Jazz Camp Kicking Off June 13-17 Still Has A Few Open Spots

Thu 6-3-2021 Estherville,IA

(Estherville)- The Reggie Schive Jazz Camp is back in Estherville after taking a year off due to the pandemic. KUOO’s Mathew Grisham has the story...

Jazz Camp 2021 

The 40th Annual Reggie Schive Jazz Camp at Iowa Lakes Community College is about to kick off, held through June 13th to June 17th. The camp has been a staple of the arts in the community and is irreplaceable in the hearts of the many students who have taken part in the camp throughout the years. After not being able to have the camp last year due to COVID-19, both staff and headliner musicians are happy to be able to get back to work. 

Carol Ayres, the Iowa Lakes Instrumental Music and Jazz Band Professor says that this will be a great year to get back to normal after the pandemic… 

“It's really exciting, yeah, we started in 1981, we took a year break with the COVID last year. It should have been our 40th year last year but it wasn’t so it’s our 40th camp this year.”

Students attending the camp, which costs $200.00 for tuition and, if you choose to stay on campus for the week, $200.00 more for lodging, will learn a plethora of things about music theory, big bands and specialized information about their instrument. Classes will be taught by the headliners, professional musicians who are brought in to teach the students. There are also personal lessons and concerts at the end of the week using what the students learned in the camp. 

There are a few spots left if you would like to get in on the fun, and Ayres explains how to sign up… 

“And so you go to reggieschivejazzcamp dot com and sign up, and there’s a button that says registration. It’s a Google form and you just fill it out and I get it and reply to you.”

The Jazz Camp is a great experience and there is a lot to learn from both the headliners and fellow students. 

To listen to the full interview, look below. For the Reggie Schive Jazz Camp website, click here

 Jazz Camp Full Interview