Recent Wet Weather Hampers Field Work

Thu 5-28-2015

(Spirit Lake)-- While most producers completed planting and fieldwork while the weather cooperated, there are still some soybeans that need to get in the ground. For those farmers that still have planting to do, Paul Kassel, a Crops Specialist with the Iowa State University Extension Service, says the recent wet weather has been a hindrance. He says it's also prevented farmers from putting herbicide on corn, as the wet weather is making weeds grow...Kassel01 

And when it comes to soybean planting, Kassel says producers should be alright yet so long as they get seed in the ground within the next week or so...Kassel02 

The wet weather has been good for one thing, though. Kassel says it's replenished subsoil moisture, which had been running short across a large part of the region...Kassel03 

In fact, Kassel says there is actually an excess of moisture in areas east of Mallard and Pocahontas, where there is standing water in some places.