RAGBRAI Bike Safety Classes offered for area youth

Fri 5-2-2014

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With RAGBRAI coming to the Iowa Great lakes area this summer, RAGBRAI is offering two Bike Safety Classes for kids over the next two weekends.
Megan Carstens, Publicity Chair with Okoboji RAGBRAI says, the first will be held at Okoboji Elementary School  on Saturday:

"There are going to be 2 dates actually, the first one is this weekend and the Bike Safety Class is for 8 to 12 year old kids.  It is a free class, and the location this weekend is going to be at the Okoboji Elementary down in Milford.
It starts at 10:30, goes until noon.
Come out, learn the importance of bike safety, have some fun.  There's going to be refreshments and certificates provided and awarded to the kids."

She notes that kids are encouraged to decorate their bikes for the safety class:

"Bring your bikes all decorated, so be festive for the event.
Again, that's this weekend at Okoboji Elementary, May 3, and then the second time is going to be Saturday, May 10 up at the Spirit Lake Middle School, again from 10:30 until noon.
So, a couple of opportunities for those youngsters to get involved and come out and showcase their bikes and learn some safety."

Details on the Safety Classes as well as other information on the RAGBRAI stop in the Iowa Great Lakes may be found online at