Public Meeting on Puppy Mills November 19th at Hedberg Theater in Arnold's Park

Fri 11-13-2015 Arnold's Park, IA"], ["243 W. Broadway

(Arnold's Park)-The public is encouraged to attend a meeting on Thursday night regarding Iowa's commercial dog-breeding industry.

Mary LaHay is the Founder and President of Iowa Friends of Companion Animals, who will be presenting information at the meeting.

"This is a presentation that I give around the state to educate Iowans on the  issue of puppy mills in our state.  We do have the second largest number of puppy mills in the nation, and not many Iowans realize that.  So, I've gathered all the data and I've put together a presentation and I'm educating the state because when I do share this information with people, most of us simply are not willing to put up with it.  What I have discovered is that our laws are quite lax, and that is what has allowed it to get to this point.  So, we're working on laws to get better oversight of these facilities."

She notes that puppy mills are prevalent in Northwest Iowa.

"We've got a map showing the approximate locations of Iowa puppy mills and Northwest Iowa is absolutely the hot spot.  There's a tab on the website that says puppy mills and there is an option of puppy mills by county.  That map is always pretty startling to people, especially when they see the number of mills in Sioux County."

Thursday's public meeting will be held at the Hedberg Theater, located in the Maritime Museum at Arnold's Park from 5:30 to 6:30 pm.

For further information visit the No Iowa Puppy Mills website.