Public Health Officials Urging People Not To Become Complacent As More And More Locations Re-Open & Activities Resume

Wed 5-20-2020

(Spencer)-- Local public health officials are urging residents not to become complacent as more and more businesses re-open and activities resume. 

Colette Rossiter, Clay County Public Health Manager, is concerned some people may now be under the assumption that the risk of COVID-19 has lessened...Rossiter01 

"You know even though we're opening up parts of our community, the virus has not gone away and we're going to continue to see cases grow. But if we all do our part, we can definitely slow the spread. We know that we can become sick with covid after an exposure to an ill individual but many folks are exposed unknowingly to cases of covid that have no symptoms, and that is why our public health control measures are so very important."

Rossiter says it's up to all of us to continue to follow the necessary guidelines...Rossiter02 

"We continue to give the message of practicing social distancing when you're away from home. We highly encourage wearing masks when you're in close proximity to others; of course wash your hands frequently and stay home when you're feeling sick. We've all heard these messages over and over but they are very important and as we start to open up they are even more important."

Rossiter adds those who are at a higher risk of experiencing a bad outcome if they become exposed to the virus should continue to stay home as much as possible. She says the same is true for anyone who is sick.