Public Health & Emergency Management Officials In Clay & Dickinson Counties Issue Joint Statement

Tue 6-30-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Public health and emergency management officials in Clay and Dickinson counties today (Tues.) issued a joint statement urging residents and visitors to use some extra precautions over the 4th of July holiday period. Brandon Rohrig of Dickinson County Public Health says it's important everyone be responsible and do their part to help lessen any further spread of COVID-19 in the community...Rohrig & 4th Concerns 

"Wear a mask if you're being out in public, especially if you're not able to social distance. And as much as possible try to do things where you're not in enormous groups. Social distancing still should be followed, especially masking and social distancing, and that's really the best we can continue to curb this increase in cases that we've recently been seeing."

Rohrig also encourages everyone to continue with good hygiene practices as well. 

He says they're very concerned over the potential for another spike in cases similar to what was seen a couple of weeks or so after Memorial Day weekend.