Proposed Drainage Project Near Lake Park Dies Due To Opposition From Landowners

Tue 2-11-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- A proposed drainage project in the Lake Park area has died due to opposition over it. The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors today (Tues.) learned requirements had been met for a remonstrance on the project in Drainage District 15, which extends from the south side of the city of Lake Park to south of Highway 9.

It was revealed at a public hearing this (Tues.) morning that was continued from two weeks ago that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which owns a significant amount of land in the drainage district, officially signed off on a letter opposing the proposed project.

It was pointed out, however, that those who filed a petition calling for the project could still file a new one which would bring the matter back to life.

Landowners in the district will still be on the hook to pay for an engineering study that was done. The supervisors also today (Tues.) voted to proceed with a reclassification for Drainage District 15.