Proposal To Fund Sewer Project Through Wind Farm TIF Draws Opposition

Wed 10-21-2015

(Sibley)-- Action Tuesday by the Osceola County Board of Supervisors to set aside two million dollars in tax increment financing from a wind farm to assist the city of Harris in putting in a new sewer system isn't sitting well with some residents.

Harris Mayor Greg Spaethe says his town has been notified by the DNR that it needs to make improvements by 2017. Spaethe says the project is more than what the small town can afford on its own, adding the project is vital to future growth.

Osceola County Supervisor Merlin Sandersfeld was among those voting in favor of using TIF money for the project. He says he feels it is a fair use of TIF funds.

But some residents don't agree. Farmer Al Brueggeman says the money should instead go toward projects that benefit the county as a whole, not just one town.

Those opposed to the action the supervisors took Tuesday are now threatening to take legal action to try to stop it.

(Story courtesy news partner KTIV)