Presidential Hopefuls Address Republican Gathering At Barefoot Bar

Fri 8-28-2015 []

(Okoboji)-- Several Republican Presidential hopefuls appeared Thursday evening at a gathering of party faithful at the Barefoot Bar. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was among them...Huckabee01 

Huckabee called for a return to what he says should be common sense government...Huckabee02 

Huckabee was also critical of the Iran nuclear deal...Huckabee03 

Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina also addressed the crowd...Fiorina01 

Fiorina says the professional political class, as she put it, has failed and that the nation has been on a decline for far too long...Fiorina02 

Former IRS commissioner Mark Everson told the gathering he has an appreciation of the private sector, but also has experience in government...Everson01 

Everson called on reforming the nation's tax code. On international policy, he says it's time to strengthen the nation's military...Everson02 

Everson also says the U.S. military needs to transition back to what he says is a "shared sacrifice" system.


Mike Huckabee                                                                                       Carly Fiorina


Mark Everson