Presidential Hopeful Corey Booker & 4th Dist. Congressional Candidate JD Scholten Make Appearance In Spirit Lake

Wed 10-9-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- Democratic Presidential hopeful Corey Booker and J.D. Scholten who's opposing Republican Steve King for the 4th District Congressional seat appeared today (Wed.) at a forum in Spirit Lake addressing healthcare, food insecurity and the Older Americans Act.

When it comes to food insecurity and the SNAP program, Scholten proposed a solution that would directly involve farmers...Booker & Scholten01 

"We need to change our agriculture policy so we can localize and regionalize a lot of this stuff so we can have local markets and that's a huge part of this. We need to be working, I would like to see a program eventually that we're, and I know some of the schools around here do do it, but on a much larger scale, where farmers are working with school systems on fresh and trying to get healthier food diets."

Booker commented on prescription drug prices, saying he would impose restrictions on patents for prescription drug manufacturers...Booker & Scholten02 

"Other countries have rules. You can't charge more for a drug in their country than they're charging in another. We don't have that rule in America. That's going to change under my leadership and I'm playing hard ball on that."

Booker also commented on the 2020 election, saying it will be a referendum on America...Booker & Scholten03 

"I've looked at the Russians' intelligence plans, how they're trying to attack this country and undermine our democracy. One of their strategies is to use our social media platforms to make us hate each other more. We share common cause, we share common purpose and for rural America and urban America we share common pain. The call of this moment is not to beat one party, it's to unite one nation. That's why I'm running for President."

Scholten will hold a town hall meeting this (Wed.) evening in Okoboji. It's one of several he'll be holding throughout the region in coming days.