Prairie Lakes Conference August 9-11 at Arrowwood Resort

Mon 8-7-2017

(Okoboji)-The Prairie Lakes Conference will kick off on Wednesday in the Iowa Great Lakes, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Prairie Lakes Conference August 9-11 at Arrowwood Resort 

The Prairie Lakes Conference will get underway on Wednesday with a Field Day.

Clean Water Alliance Coordinator John Wills says, the Field Day is free, however registration is required.  "We're going to talk about soil health, and it's really something that anybody can learn things about, whether you just have a lawn, or whether you have 3,000 acres that you farm, you can learn something at this Soil Health Field Day.  So we're really excited about that.  The Field Day is free, and there's actually a lunch provided.  We just would like for people to register prior to the Field Day so that we can estimate how much food we need."

He adds that the Conference will continue on Thursday and Friday.  "We're going to have sessions all day Thursday and all day Friday about water quality type activities and benefits.  The average person, we actually have a tract for an average person that wants to learn a little bit more about water quality, all the way to a tract for professionals.  So, we're going to have 2 different tracts this year, and so we're really encouraging people who just want to learn a little bit about water quality to go ahead and apply to join the Conference.

A $100 fee is all inclusive for the Prairie Lakes Conference which will be held at Arrowwood Resort in Okoboji.

There is also a one-day option this year for those who can only attend one day of the Conference.

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The Prairie Lakes Conference is being held in conjunction with the Okoboji Blue Water Festival August 11-12.

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Listen to the full interview with John Wills:

Interview with John Wills Prairie Lakes Conference