Prairie Lakes Chapter Delta Waterfowl Free Hunter Education Program July 12th And 13th

Tue 7-2-2019

(Estherville) There’s a hunting program coming up for people to attend and learn everything there is about hunting waterfowl. KUOO’s Mathew Grisham has more:

Steve Horswell Duck Hunting 6292019 

The Lakes chapter of Delta waterfowl will be having a hunter recruitment, retention and reactivation program coming up in July. 

Steve Horswell explained what would happen in the program. "Well what we’re trying to do here is ultimately get more hunters into the fields and the marshes you know the number of hunters has declined dramatically in the last 40-50 years to where there’s maybe there's 25% as many duck hunters out there as there were 25-30 years ago so that’s the ultimate goal here is to actually get more people into the fields . We’re gonna cover Delta Waterfowl, what is Delta Waterfowl, because we’re a chapter so we’ll cover that, then we’ll cover conservation, we're going to cover a waterfowl identification and biology and then we're going to talk a little bit about some of the places to hunt here in Iowa, help people with that. The program is running on Friday Friday night 6 to 9 p.m. July 12th and will cover the items we just talked about on Friday evening. Then on Saturday morning from 9-12 we’re gonna cover some more items in the classroom we’re gonna have some hunter education. Then we’re gonna take people out, where we're going to be at we have access to a trap range right outside the building where  we’ll be at Palo Alto County and sportsman area just north of Cylinder so we’re gonna group up into five different subgroups and each group will get probably half an hour at different stations."


The program is free but participants need to register by July 5th. It includes mentored duck hunts, food and drink, and lots of hunting experience. To register or get more information, call 712-209-2999 or email Participants under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.