Potential Impacts Of Incoming Storm Causing Concern

Tue 4-9-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- Much of the region remains on course for what could be a major spring storm that could last upwards of a couple of days. The system has the potential to bring a lot of rain, ice, snow and strong wind with it. Mike Ehret, Dickinson County Emergency Management Coordinator, says it's that combination of factors that could bring a wide range of impacts with it...Storm Concerns01 

"Well of course with the rain, you know, the ground is saturated from previous rain and snow melt, so there's that factor. The rivers are going to come back up, so we'll probably be dealing with that again, potentially some road closures, things along those lines. Of course with the freezing rain on power lines and trees and with the wind that we're expecting the potential is there for power outages and things like that. And of course with the snow and the wind the potential there is for blizzard conditions and travel being very dangerous and potentially impossible once that happens."

Ehret says there are several things we should be doing now to get prepared..Storm Concerns02 

"With the potential for blizzard conditions, not being able to travel, so stock up on groceries and things like that that you might need in case you can't get out for a day or so. In terms of power outages if you're dependent on electricity for medical things, medical equipment, things like that, if you have a backup source for that. If you do have a generator make sure its ready to go, functioning properly. Make sure you use it safely, outdoors, things like that. Don't back feed into the electrical system. Obviously that can be very dangerous to the crews who are out there trying to repair lines and things of that nature. If conditions get too bad just really urge people, like we always do, to just postpone your travel. You can wait a day. And if you've taken those winter survival kits out of your car you might want to throw them back in there the next few days."

A winter storm watch is in effect for portions of northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota from late tomorrow through early Friday, with a blizzard warning also in effect for some areas of southwest Minnesota.