Possible Tragedy Averted On Storm Lake Early This (Wed.) Morning

Wed 2-6-2019

(Storm Lake)-- Authorities say tragedy may have been averted early this (Wed.) morning thanks to the quick action of a Storm Lake police officer.

An officer on patrol around 2:00 am saw a vehicle driving on the sand at Awaysis Beach on Storm Lake. The officer allegedly saw the vehicle starting to drive onto the ice near an area of open water. The officer began yelling at the motorist who had driven about 30 feet onto the lake and was able to catch the driver's attention, at which time the motorist drove back onto the beach. 

Police made contact with the driver, identified as 24-year-old Sandra Edith Chavez of Storm Lake. Police allege Chavez was intoxicated and she was taken into custody and charged with O-W-I, a serious misdemeanor, and was jailed on a $1,000 bond.

Storm Lake Police Public Safety Director Mark Prosser says be believes the officer's observations and quick response averted what could have been another potential tragedy on Storm Lake.

(Courtesy Community First Broadcasting station KAYL in Storm Lake.)