Pony Express Riders raise funds on Good Friday

Fri 4-3-2015

(Milford)-The Pony Express Riders of Iowa made their way across Dickinson county on Good Friday.

Dickinson County Chairperson Leslie Pohlman says it's a tradition for a good cause.

 Pony Express cut 1 

She notes that community members contribute to the cause along the way.

 Pony Express cut 2 

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Funds raised on the ride:

Lake Park $493.25

Montgomery $100

Superior $118

Terril $69

Spirit Lake $1410.59

Old Town Milford $200 Milford $1253.42

Okoboji $295.16

West Okoboji $213

Arnolds Park $241

Total $4374.18


Photos Courtesy of Tootie Powers